Gran Canaria Canary Islands, Spain

The Canaria island is one of the most famous and popular island of the Spain. People have the misconception that this island had an alcohol fuel which is dominated by the British youth. Here you will discover the beautiful Canary Island which suggest you the different vision of Canary culture. This island is situated off the North western coast of Africa which is closer to the mainland Spain. It has many small islands and seven large islands which include Gran Canaria, Tenerife, El Hierro, Alegranza and many more.

Let’s just talk about the island Gran Canaria. In the chain of seven islands it is the third largest island. It contains an area about 1,560 square kilometers. The temperature of this island has extent from 20 to 26 degree centigrade and from June through September it contains the hottest days.

Unemployment is the part of this island and it reaches to the 30%. From the tourism industry there island income is generated which is about 80%.From this island plants and flowers are exported. Tomatoes, vegetables and colorful fruits are in their agriculture. The farmers of this island at one time only rely on the bananas income but now they have sense various growing colorful fruits, tomatoes and vegetables as well.

The Gran Canaria Island means Great Island of dogs, because it contains huge numbers of dogs. It is also known as island seals dogs. Due to its different climate, this island is recently known as the miniature continent. In this island there are 32 natural parks. On this island in north side there is a Figras, a small town which is popular and notable for the mineral water which makes more than 200,000 bottles of water in a day, it can’t be believe but it is.

One third of this island is in the protection of Biosphere by UNESCO because there is bizarre shape Rock Mountain, it is divided into the sunny south where you can see hills, beaches, rocks and barren landscapes can be found with the flora and fauna. Over all it is the beautiful island where you can see many things.

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