Harbour Island Containing Pink Sand Beaches

One of the Harbour Island is located in Bahamas at the north-eastern side of Eleuthera Island. There is only one town situated on the island called Dunmore Town which is named after John Murray who was the popular governor of the Bahamas. Harbour island is popular because of its tangerine sandy look of the beached which are situated at the eastern side of the island. North Eleuthera Airport is the proper way to enter the island. For many Americans, it is the perfect place to enjoy holiday vacations. It is also called Briland by the inhabitants of the island. Currently there are magnificent architectural buildings with beautiful floral sweets. Coral Sands Hotel was established in 1960s and is still very popular.

Another Harbour Island is situated in San Diego Bay, California. It’s a man-made island lying in between Downtown San Diego and Shelter Island. It is 3.2 km in length. The Harbour Island Drive is running from one part of island to other inter-connecting it with the mainland. There are many restaurants, Drive Park, marinas and spas on the island. It is owned primarily by Port of San Diego.

Similarly Harbour Island located in Newport Beach in California is also worth visiting. It is infect a semi-artificial harbour which was made in 1900s. It is a gated community and several artificial islands were also built. Each home is priced at tens of millions.

Little Bay Island is consisting of many islands in Newfoundland and Labrador located in Canada. It is consisting of Goat Island, Macks Island, Little Bay Island, Boatswain Tickle Island and Harbour Island. Campbell High is a popular tourist spot as it is the highest peak which is 125 m high. It is situated in Notre Dame Bay and ferry services are provided. The island is having an approximate population of hundred. The island attracts many tourists offering them hiking and trailing.

The last Harbour Island is a kind of a cosy resort which is 22 kms from Beaufort in South Carolina. It is among the Carolina Sea Islands. Tidal marsh is covering the majority of the island. The island was also used as the hunting grounds attracting many hunters.

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