Love White Sand Beaches

Everytime we think about summer holiday, the first thing come up in our brain as good idea is beach which has beautiful view like in Rupat island, Riau, Indonesia. This adorable beach faced directly on Dumai city. Very easy to get there because Dumai serve boats transportation particularly for customers of the beach.

Imagine how fresh water from real sea can cooling down our hot body. Moreover it’s covered with clear white sand that feel so soft without any little rough shells when our feet touch it’s surface. Besides, the white sand beach also more attractive and the view is more cool and more beautiful. We will see it completely amazing beach in far distance with no spot just like a painting of nature.

In a hot summer time, the white sand beach has so many features that able to cosher you and make you feel perfectly comfortable even when you have bad day before. Those impressive features are ; the blue sky, shade coconut trees, the houses of aborigine and the clear water. It’s really a beauty scene formed naturally as second heaven on the earth.

The white sand of the beach is the second effective point after the sea in which become a power of attraction to persuade people come to play rather just enjoy the view. So many happiness you’ll get there for all day long maybe with making sand castle and sunbathed on it’s smooth surface; easy swimming until surfing followed by fresh rolling waves. Even when we only enjoy the view, the white sand beaches can cure your exhaustion.

It’s not only be pretty in the morning and evening but, also in the night where the sun have sank. Another activity of people commonly do in the night on the beach gathering and playing guitar with different atmosphere because it also has another interesting attractive view in the night like it’s little slow waves followed by reflection of moonlight.

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