Reed Flute Cave Guilin China

One of the beautiful scenic spots in Guilin where you can’t move your eyes is Reed Flute Cave which is situated on the northwest side of Guilin, China which is about 5 kilometers from the middle of the city. It is known as the Natural Arts. On the south of Guilin you will see the other beautiful hills like Fubo Hill, Elephant Trunk Hill and folded Brocade hill. These all places make the attraction for the tourists. According to the one of the narrative, this cave got this name because people said that from the old times reeds are used for making flutes and pipes were also developed in this area as well. In this area so that’s why they give its name. It is the most attraction place for Guilin because it is a kind of fairy land.

Reed Flute Cave length is about 240 meters; if you take a trip of this it will take your an hour. In this fairy land you can see birds, stones curtains, in beautiful shapes of plants and animals in colors with the beautiful colorful lights. You will see Mushroom hill, Sky scraping twin, pines in the snow, dragon temple, red curtain and many more but these all are most beautiful in this magical fairy land.

It is loved, admired because of its natural arts, one cave of the dragon king which is known as crystal palace take 1000 people. This palace was used during the war and served as a shelter for the people. The memorable thing in this cave is a while chunk of solid object which is hanging on a shelf like a waterfall.

Reed Flute Cave was opened in year 1962 as a palace but now to make more attractive they have given the visual effects with the artificial lighting. In Reed Flute Cave there are so many pillars and rocks and each of them contain their own story. With that they have written 70 ink messages with the histories of about 1200 years. From the ancient times this place gets more attraction from others. Over all you should visit this place to enjoy, with the family it is the good place to visit.

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